Are you looking to build confidence to speak in front of an audience?
Does your job require you to make presentations to peers and senior management?
If your answer is yes, then PSC2017 is your answer!
Unlike other Public Speaking/Presentation courses in Singapore, our Public Speaking Course (PSC) will effectively develop your presentation and public speaking abilities and so much more!
You will learn how to write an effective speech, use your voice and gestures to create lasting impressions.  On top of that, we will also help you gain confidence in all aspects of communication, including written and impromptu speeches, body language, active listening and critical evaluation. 
You will be empowered with the skills to take control of any environment in which you have been tasked to speak and wow your audience!!
Learning Objectives

You can expect to:

ü  Learn the different aspects of public speaking using Toastmasters International Better Speaker Series materials

ü  Discover the techniques in crafting & delivering an effective speech 

ü  Have your speech Video-Recorded BEFORE & AFTER feedback

      • Deliver a 5-minute speech (with our help of course) and have it video recorded for you to review your delivery style
      • Be given verbal and written feedback on improvement, and thereafter prepare and deliver another 5-minute speech
      • Have your second speech video recorded as well, and you can compare how you have improved BEFORE & AFTER evaluation and feedback

ü  Practice Impromptu Speaking in front of a live audience


Our Unique Program Benefits

  • Unlike other workshops, our Public Speaking Course allows you to practice speaking in front of a live audience and have your speech Video-Recorded BEFORE & AFTER feedback
  • Small class size of 3 to 6 participants
  • We are the only course in Singapore that gives you Ongoing Coaching & internationally-recognized Certification (if you sign up for our toastmaster club membership & complete the 10 speech projects)
  • Have a senior Toastmaster as your personal one-to-one mentor and coach
  • Be awarded the "Competent Communicator" title and a letter sent to your employer to congratulate you on your accomplishment
  • Opportunities to hone your listening and leadership skills through taking up various meeting roles such as "Timer", "Ah-Counter", "Toastmaster of the Evening", "Table Topics Master" etc
Who Should Attend

ü  Managers, Supervisors or Executives who are required to make business presentations

ü  Trainers, Teachers or Coaches who have to deliver Program materials

ü  Anyone seeking to increase confidence in giving presentations and public speeches

Program Outline - A Practical Public Speaking Program


This is a practical, hands-on Public Speaking Program using Toastmasters International materials and conducted by Lion City Toastmasters Club - founded since 1977.  

We have been running this Public Speaking Course since 2013. Before that, we have running a similar training but without the video recording, known as "Speech-craft".

The Program is made up of 2 parts:

  1. COMPULSORY - Attend Four (4) Workshops (2.5 hours each, i.e. total 10 hours of training) on Public Speaking, plus
  2. OPTIONAL - Complete 10 speech projects from the basic Competent Communicator speech manual, within one & a half years from start date.

Part 1: Ten (10) Hours of Theory & Practical Workshop on Public Speaking:







9 Oct  2017  (Monday, 7.30pm to 10pm)


Theory Lesson on the following topics:

1.     Know Your Audience

2.     Organize Your Speech

3.     Impromptu Speaking

4.     How to Begin Your Speech

5.     How to Conclude Your Speech

6.     How to Control Your Fear when delivering your speech


Assignment: Prepare a 5-minute speech for presentation at Session 3.





16 Oct


 (Monday, 7.30pm to 10pm)


Practical Session:

- Attend Lion City Toastmasters Club Chapter Meeting

- Take part in a 1 to 2 minutes "impromptu speaking" known as "table topics"

- Receive written evaluation on your table topics speech

- Observe and take part in a regular Toastmasters Club meeting




23 Oct



7.30pm to 10pm)


Theory Lesson on the following topics:

1.     Select a Speech Topic

2.     Preparation & Practice


Practical Presentation:

- Deliver a 5-minute speech with Video Recording

- Receive written and verbal evaluation

- Receive pointers on how to improve your presentation


Assignment: Incorporate feedback & evaluation and prepare either a NEW 5 minute speech or REDO your first 5-minute speech to be delivered during Session 4





26 Oct 2017

(Thursday, 7.30pm to 10pm)


Practical Presentation:

- Redo or Deliver a New 5-minute speech with Video Recording

- Receive written and verbal evaluation

- Compare your second speech with your first delivery and evaluate areas of improvement


Theory Lesson on the following topics:

1.     Using Body Language

2.     Using Visual Aids



Part 2: OPTIONAL (Additional Fees Payable) - Complete Ten (10) speech projects from the basic Competent Communicator speech manual, within 1.5 years from start date.

ü  Pay additional SGD450/- for ONE AND A HALF (1.5) years membership to Lion City Toastmasters Club.  We will waive the one-time registration fee of SGD40/-.

ü  Get a Senior Toastmaster as your Personal One-to-One Mentor & Coach for all your ten speech projects - other members get only mentoring for first three projects.

ü  Upon completion of the ten projects, you will be awarded the "Competent Communicator" title awarded by Toastmasters International, which is recognized world-wide.

ü  Your employer will receive a letter (optional) from Toastmasters International in recognition of your achievement.

The 10 Speech Project titles are as below:

Project 1. The Icebreaker

Project 2. Organize Your Speech

Project 3. Get to the Point

Project 4. How to say it

Project 5. Your Body Speaks

Project 6. Vocal Variety

Project 7. Research Your Topic

Project 8. Get Comfortable with Visual Aids

Project 9. Persuade with Power

Project 10. Inspire Your Audience



- You are expected to complete the above 10 Projects within 18 months of your enrollment into the program. 

- You can extend your membership* if you cannot finish the 10 Projects within the stipulated time. You will still receive your Competent Communicator title and Employer's Letter as long as you finish the 10 Projects.

- Each project speech is between 5 and 7 minutes long (except for Project 10, which is 8 to 10 minutes), followed by a 2 to 3 minutes verbal evaluation. 

- Besides doing your Speech Projects, you are expected to take on various meeting roles, such as Timers, Ah Counters, Table Topics Masters etc, to hone your listening and communication skills.

- You can also take part in the impromptu speech segment (known as Table Topics) at each meeting.
*Membership fees to Lion City TMC is at $300 per year or $165 half-yearly
Program Details
Venue:          10 Anson Road, #28-15 International Plaza Singapore 079903. 
                      (Training Room inside Credit Savvy Pte Ltd)
Duration:      Four sessions X 2.5 hours each. Total 10 hours of theory and practical lessons!
Class Size:   Between 3 and 6 participants to ensure maximum attention given to your learning objectives.
Program Fee

Early Bird Price - Register before 1 Oct 2017 - SGD497/- net.

After 1 Oct 2017 - SGD528/- net

OPTIONAL:   1.5 years Membership to Lion City Toastmasters Club: SGD450/- only (Registration fee of SGD40 waived)

Program fee is inclusive of:
  • Training materials for the educational workshops
  • Two Video Recordings of Your Speech Delivery

How to Register


Drop us an email at and indicate "PSC 2017 - Intake 14 Registration" in the subject title and include the following:

  • Your Name
  • Your Mailing Address;
  • Your Contact Number; and
  • Your NRIC Number if you are claiming your Skills Future Credit (Link:
  • Your Preferred Payment Method (see below*) Amount : SGD497/- OR SGD 528/-



  By Cheque

Please make cheque payable to "The Legacy Protector Pte Ltd" and mail to:

Attention: Mr. CK Ting c/o The Legacy Protector Pte Ltd

 111 North Bridge Rd #11-04 Peninsular Plaza Singapore 179098

OR quick cheque deposit into OCBC Bank Account Number: 506-086727-001

  By Bank Transfer

OCBC Bank Account Number: 506-086727-001
After you have done the transfer, send us an email at





  • Your seat is confirmed only upon full payment. We reserve the rights to give the seats to those who paid first.
  • We reserve the rights to turn away anyone who has not made payment prior to the commencement of the course.
  • Confirmation will be emailed to the Training Officer 5 working days before commencement of the course.
  • Cancellations are not allowed upon registration. Substitutes are welcomed but must inform us via email at least 1 day before the workshop.
  • You can do make up for sessions missed, subject  to availability.
  • Lion City Toastmasters Club reserves the right to substitute the trainer, change the venue, postpone or cancel the workshop.

Be a successful and confident communicator. 

Sign up for PSC now and never be afraid to speak up again!
For enquiries, please  
Call DTM CK Ting at 3116-2218


Testimonies from Past Participants

Nervousness always caught the best of me when I speak in public. It is a common scenario for me when I deliver my prepared speech that it will be mixed-up in the middle, I will be lost in transition and in the end I could not deliver the message that I wanted to convey.

The Public Speaking Course that Lion City Toastmasters Club offers taught me useful techniques on how to overcome my nervousness. The personalize approach that Mr. Ting Chee Kheong provides in this course had made me acknowledge not only my strong points but my weak points as well and the tips that Mr. CK gave are very useful in addressing these weaknesses. 

To those who are out there, hiding in their closet because of fear of public speaking, I encourage you to join The Lion City Toastmasters Club Public Speaking Course because sooner or later you will have your share of speaking in public. When the time comes and you were caught unprepared, I would like you to remember this…

It’s not the things that you’ve done,

But the things that you’ve left undone

That will give a bit of heartache

By the setting of the sun.

-    Margaret Sangster

Silver Dela Rosa - Senior Quantity Surveyor  [Intake 8]


In the past, I find myself fumble, at a lost of words and nervous during presentation and networking sessions.

After attending Public Speaking Course, it gives me the confidence to speak and I am less nervous meeting people now.  The course provide good information on how to prepare a speech and taught me how to deliver and engage with audience.

Thank you Mr CK Ting for your encouragement and guidance.

Lynn Aw | Deputy Senior Marketing Manager [Intake 8]



This course is an eye-opening experience for me. My spoken English is not that good and after attending this course, I feel the motivation to want to attend some basic Spoken English Course to further improve myself. Thank you CK!

 Dr. Jin WeiXin | R&D Scientist | EWT Centre of Innovation (NP)


The course had answered most of my questions on public speaking techniques and along the way also debunked some myths I had. I most appreciate the hands-on experience on speech writing and video-recorded speeches. The opportunity to attend a Toastmasters meeting and deliver an impromptu table topic to a room full of strangers was a memorable experience as well. Thank you Chee Kheong!

 Musliha Muhamad | B.B.A (NUS), M.P.A (Murdoch)  | MUIS


Before knowing Lion City Toastmasters Club's Public Speaking Course (PSC), I was always haunted by the thoughts of having to give speeches in front of public - I had all the symptoms of stage-frights, such as my mind suddenly going blank, accelerating heart beats, and loss of words.

However, my fears and nightmares were all gone after I join the PSC.  
The course teaches us useful public speaking tips and most importantly, provides us with a platform to practice public speaking in front of a crowd.
The club is made up of people who aspire to become better public speakers, so you don't need to feel embarrassed when making mistakes, because everyone is also learning to be better!

After giving 6 speeches in the club, I find myself feeling more confident when giving my speeches.

Thank you Lion City Toastmasters Club and especially to the trainer cum President, Mr. Ting Chee Kheong! 

Catherine Chew
 | Chartered Accountant


I am not a native English speaker and had a fear to speak in public. Mr. Ting Chee Kheong boosted my confidence and helped me to overcome of this fear.  Now, I am using techniques taught by him and improving my public speaking skills. I recommend this course to all who wish to improve their public speaking skills.

Umakant Aggarwal | Sr. Manager - Finance | Lanco International


I always thought that one just need to overcome his fear in order to give a good speech in public but I found out that it is not entirely true. Giving speeches in public is much more than overcoming one's inner fear, it is about being prepared, understanding your audience, removing "bad habits", speaking clearly, etc.. In fact public speaking is both an art and science, whereby one needs to constant practise and hone his skills.

I am grateful to have taken my first baby steps on this journey to improve myself.

Julian Chan | Project Coordinator


 About Our Trainer:    Ting Chee Kheong (CK) DTM

CK is a Part-Time Talent with MediaCorp Singapore, having acted in numerous TV drama serials since 1999.  He also acted in several Singaporean movies such as "The Ghosts must be Crazy" (2010), "1965" (2015) and "3688" (2015).  His acting skills compliment his public speaking coaching as he is able to bring in another dimension where most other public speakers cannot - the parallels between acting and delivering a speech in public.


He has personally mentored more than 100 new members since 2001 in their public speaking quest and conducted several Speech-Craft, a public speaking course, since 2010.


Mr. Ting has been the Chief Editor of IFPAS magazine "Coverage", Area Governor of Toastmasters International District 80 Division D Area 5, and past President of the Nanyang Technological University School of Materials Science and Engineering Alumni Association. He was awarded the NTU Alumni Service award in 2006 for his contributions. He graduated with a Bachelor of Applied Science (Materials Engineering) with Nanyang Technological University.  He is also a Fellow of the Life Underwriters Training Council (American College) and an Associate Estate Planning Practitioner awarded by the UK Will Writing & Estate Planning Society.

Professionally, Mr. Ting gives regular lunch time talks on Will Writing to companies and organizations.


His Toastmasters Titles & Achievements are:

  • Toastmaster since 2001

  • Area Governor 2011/2012 (District 80-Division D-5)

  • Club President 2004, 2009, 2010, 2014, 2015

  • Club International Speech Champion 2012

  • SpeechCraft Organization Chairperson 2010-present

  • Club Mentor for Infosys Toastmaster Club

  • Public Speaking Mentor & Coach

  • Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) in 2016 - the highest award in Toastmasters movement & awarded to top 5% of toastmasters worldwide