By Ting Chee Kheong (Project 3 - August 2001)

MAD - Making A Difference.

“If you were Harry Porter, what would you do with your Magical Powers?”

That was the question posed to me during one of the Table Topics session. Well, besides really playing for time and waiting for the green light to appear, I did say what I really wanted to do with my magical powers: to reach into someone’s mind. Not just anyone’s mind, but that “someone” is the one whom I love and care.

No. I do not have some security deficit issues, controlling freak or any psychotic reasons for doing so! Rather, my purpose of reaching into that someone’s mind, is to build a stronger communication and to develop a deeper relationship.

Words, or spoken language for that matter, clutter communication. It is the mind that truly conveys intentions and feelings.

My friends, when was the last time you said truthfully what you really meant to your loved ones?

When was the last time you really “listened” to your loved ones beyond those spoken words, and sincerely seek to understand the person?

And, when was that last time you and your loved one felt that you both “understand each other perfectly” without even having to use words?

We do not need to have Harry Porter’s magical powers to do wonders or to “make a difference”. Before we all start going out there to “Save the World”, “Make Lion City the BEST club in Singapore” or “Become Mother Theresa”, we simply need to look within and make a difference first in our lives, and the lives of those whom we love.

Start making a difference, by trying to get into that “someone’s” mind, not through some magical powers, but to use your heart. It is everything that I have advocated before and more. Give time for yourself so that you can set your priorities and find time for your loved ones. Be genuine, sincere and truthful. Live, not only for pursuing material wants and gains, but to live, sharing your life with those close to your heart.

My friends, in this season of sharing, taking stock and moving ahead for the new year, I urge you to start making a difference by showing our affection to our loved ones.

Bring your mother out for a movie!

Surprise your spouse with a naughty present!

And bring your children out to see the real Harry Porter movie, and not the “Hairy Potter” in the cartoon strip!

To end, I would like to share with you my favorite poem – SUCCESS. I like the part especially on “To know one life has breathed easier because you have lived”, and my friends, I certainly wish that more than one life has breathed easier, because YOU, have lived!


To laugh often and much,

To win the respect of intelligent people and the affection of children,

To earn the appreciation of honest critics

And endure the betrayal of false friends.

To appreciate Beauty.

To find the Best in others.

To Leave the World a little better,

Whether by a healthy child,

A garden patch,

Or a redeemed social condition;

To know that even ONE life has breathed easier,

Because you have LIVED.

That, is to have SUCCEEDED.

- Ralph Waldo Emerson